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23 March 2021 - 24 March 2021
Vienna, Austria
Future of Building 2021 | Virtual


The INTERNATIONAL BUILDING CONFERENCE takes place online on 23 and 24 March 2021.
NOTE: Due to COVID-19 this event will be held virtually.

ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA  and it's partner, the enterprise europe network, organize an exclusive B2B matchmaking platform for international decision makers to gather and discuss the latest developments with Austrian companies active in the construction sector.

Learn about the latest technologies and materials, share new project ideas and find international cooperation partners for new business opportunities. 

Subsequent to the Future of Building, you are welcome to visit the Vienna Congress on Sustainable Building BauZ! 24-25 March.

Pre-information: See here the Austrian perspective of sustainable and digital construction by the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

he visitor ticket is free of charge for both Austrian and foreign participants.

The following modules are included:

  • access to the conference, panel discussions, and streaming.
  • your online participant profile, active until 12 months after the event.
  • access to approx. 1,000 verified international online profiles.
  • access to the B2B matchmaking platform (create your individual profile and book your B2B meetings with national and international participants, as well as with the Austrian commercial counselor in your country).

    The conference language is English.

    Let yourself be inspired and check out the facts & figures of the last Future of Building Conference 2019In 2019, 730 visitors and a record number of 1,500 b2b meetings demonstrated the success story of this event series. Watch the conference´s image video and pictures from 2019.


    The global focus and the conference settings make this event unique.

    Explore your export opportunities and business cases. The network of ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA and its partners bring foreign purchasers and Austrian experts together, which makes the Future of Building conference series a strong platform to boost the internationalization of the Austrian building and construction sectors world-wide.


    Learn about the latest technologies, share project ideas for sustainable construction and high-quality buildings, find new project partners. The conference offers six modules - a window to the world, three panel discussions, the fields of innovation, and last but not least the individual international B2B cooperation exchange.


    The conference takes place online and will be broadcast from Vienna. Vienna ist seen as an example of global best practice for smart city solutions and the symbiosis of historical heritage and modern [green] architecture und high tech solutions.  

    Attend this event and gain new perspectives on the latest developments in the building and construction sector. The following key topics will be addressed or may be relevant for your individual B2B meetings:

    • Smart City Vienna, modern urban planning
    • Intelligent, connectedbuildings
    • New construction methods and robotics
    • New building materials / components and assemblies
    • Energyefficiency (zero, plus, passive houses)
    • Sustainable and green architecture
    • Timber / wood construction
    • Natural and zero emission materials 
    • Roads & tunneling, traffic infrastructure
    • Smart home and home automation
    • Digitalization (BIM) and VR
    • Modern inner-city refurbishment
    • Social and affordable housing


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    Vienna, Austria
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